Resonance Massage

Moving unwanted charge out of the nervous system

It gently reminds the body of channels we all have, channels to heal from stress, trauma and burn out. Deep but comfortable pressure opens channels, and lighter strokes flush them. Opening thse channels builds our capacity to contain intense sensation and emotion.

In today’s pressured environment, it is too easy to forget to take care of our bodies. We get too busy, or too anxious, to relax and slow down and cultivate the place inside where we love life. In order to recover from stress and trauma, we must shift from the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight or freeze), to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).  

One of the important aspects of any massage is that it can help people relax into the rest and digest mode. Then we can sleep better and heal better and our immune systems can work effectively. Life goes better when our bodies are functioning well. Massage is one way one person can draw another back  to trust and rest and enjoying life in a body.

Resonance Massage is cooperative. The receiver sits up, fully clothed in a chair or on a stool.