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My Approach

Relational Safety

Relational safety is crucial for autonomic regulation after trauma and for filling in developmental gaps.

Clearing trauma has two aspects. One is regulating our nervous system, so we can feel safe, connected, and adapt to the task at hand. The second aspect is in revisiting unfinished developmental tasks with support for new learning.  Each developmental task we fill out, lays the ground work for more nuanced, mature relating, healing and problem solving.


I work on three fronts to build relationships that heal:

Therapy & Supervision

In therapeutic and supervisory relationships, I cultivate embodiment, collaboration, and safety –  physical, emotional and neurobiological. As a therapist committed to co-regulation, I maintain my role as a responsible, skilled professional, while holding onto our shared humanity. It is a gift to us both.

In our sessions, we learn and practice creating a refined sense of cooperation: person-to-person and mind-with-body. Together we find what works so that the client’s nervous system can re-regulate and clear the residue of trauma. The nervous system shows us what threatens or relaxes it, and we adjust accordingly. This process increases our capacity for sturdy, authentic, collaborative relationships in general.

At present, sessions are available by phone, Zoom or Skype.

For more information, click here. 

Books, Graphics & Videos

The nervous system is fascinating, complex and multi-layered. Over decades of study, practice and teaching, I have developed graphics and language organized to communicate to the practitioner and lay-person how the brain and body operate, react, and heal.  

I present important new clinical and scientific knowledge of the human nervous system in simple graphic style. This information can help you understand yourself and help you relate more effectively with the people you work with and care about. 

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  • For Body Up! Co-Regulation resources: 
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  • For access to videos on the nervous system:

Presentations, Classes & Workshops

Beth offers presentations, workshops, and training programs to lay people and practitioners. These  can be tailored to an organization or co-hort’s requirements. Body Up! Co-Regulation works successfully online. Current programming here: ( )

Program Titles Include: 

Getting to Know Your Nervous System

Body Up! Co-Regulation for Practitioners

Polyvagal Theory & Co-Regulation Online

Building Sturdy Relationships from the Body Up 

Body Up Level 1 Training    

Dissolving Shame: Cultivating Embodiment in Relational Space


Practitioners and students find themselves using Body Up! Co-Regulation in their work, and in their personal lives. The practices are accessible and adaptable to social, familial, educational and work environments. 

Our bodies know how to restore ease, heal, and connect. Fear and tears and anger are catching, but so are yawning and enthusiasm and laughter. We can get good at supporting this cooperative, interactive, vital process in ourselves and each other. Co-regulation is our human birthright! 


“Beth is a warm, down to earth teacher who is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge around trauma and embodiment with her students.  She creates a safe container for learning. I found the embodiment exercises that we practiced in class useful for my own upregulation and downregulation. Because the exercises were both simple and powerful, I often incorporate them in my sessions with clients to help them come back into their bodies while experiencing more ease and a sense of their own boundaries. I highly recommend her classes!”

-Brigitta Sebesta
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Touch Skills Practitioner