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Video Resources

Here are videos and recordings: practical instruction, interviews and teaching regarding clearing trauma, regulation, and the human nervous system.

Building Sturdy Relationships

An overview of Beth’s work as a therapist and teacher, touching on the nervous system, co-regulation, trauma, and relationship.      2016

3:26 minutes

A Recent Interview

Mira Malcolm of Embody Life Now interviews Beth Dennison. They discuss what co-regulation is and how it works, and then they demonstrate a simple practice that cuts through shame and fosters connection.    2020

6:38 minuntes

Introduction to Co-Regulation

An introduction to coregulation, what it is, how it works. This slide show and teaching include information on different regulation styles and solo and social options for regulation. 2017

15:57 minutes

Life is a Regulation Game - A Three Part Series

Co-Regulation and the Autonomic Nervous System Part 1 - Our Three Layer Nervous System

Life is a regulation game! Beth teaches about regulation, threat and survival, and the physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System. Knowing how our bodies process threat makes more diverse responses possible.             2017

7:20 minutes 

Co-Regulation and the Autonomic Nervous System Part 2 - Shifting Out of Threat Responses

Learn about common regulation strategies and how to shift out of threat responses as needed by revving up, calming down, or adjusting for communication with others.                        2017

12:59 minutes 

Co-Regulation and the Autonomic Nervous System Part 3 - Triggers and Dysregulation

In Part 3 of this series, Beth discusses neuroception, triggers and dysregulation and why autonomic regulation matters in the short- and long-term.                                       2017     

8:54 minutes

Resonance Massage

Learn a simple, clothed and seated massage sequence. Resonance massage regulated both people in just a few minutes.                      2002

2:13 minutes

Oxygen in Your Brain

Beth explains the role of the autonomic nervous system in oxygen allocation, how it acts under perceived threat, and how the human social brain is affected.                                  2015

2:35 minutes